Outsourcing to get the right Google Ads


Why should you hire a professional digital marketing expert?


It’s simple.


results, results and results


Running an effective Google Ads campaign takes time and regular monitoring. It isn’t a case of setting it up and forgetting about it. You need to know that you are constantly using the right match phrase and keywords, optimise your website and Ads campaign as time moves on.


You want to ensure that you are getting the best results possible, and to do that you need to ensure that your cost per click (CPC) and your click through rate (CTR) are optimised.This takes time and knowledge.


Consider the cost of your time, or of a staff members time, in working on this each month. It may very well be much more cost effective to outsource to an expert who can get the same results in a fraction of the time.


Also, outsourcing saves you wasting money on campaigns that are not effective. Keywords have to be carefully chosen to ensure that Google show your ad whenever someone searches for that term.


Statistics show that many businesses are wasting up to 60% of their campaign costs through improperly chosen keywords!


Hiring an expert will ensure that your campaign is aimed at the right people and that you are not paying for people who are not interested in your services or products.


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And tracking conversions – which keywords work and which don’t – is vital to ensure that your keywords are high quality, getting you the results you are paying for and need.


A skilled professional will be able to easily monitor your cost per acquisition (CPA) which tells you clearly how much you have to spend on ads to get that potential client to become a customer.


Your aim is to make your campaign work for you, so that your customers are paying for the ads with their purchases. An agency will work with your campaign to ensure that you get back 200% of every dollar spent.


Since 2013 there have been two major changes with AdWords, and there will be more. An expert is up to date with all of the new features and can get you the maximum result for your investment in the campaign.


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Taking all of this into account, hiring a professional agency to manage your AdWords campaign not only makes sense, it makes you money.

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