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New LinkedIn Lead Gen feature 2022 + CRM connectivity issue

Hello, everyone. Bobak Moezzi from Wexpert. And today in this video, I’m going to explain the new feature that LinkedIn announced a couple of days ago. 

The feature is called Lead Gen forms for business pages. I’m going to show you how to activate it. It is a cool feature and I highly recommend you to add it to your pages and see whether that can help you to generate some leads. 

So the first thing you do is to go to your business page on LinkedIn.

On the top right corner. there is the edit page button>> 

linkedin organic forms for business page

click on it >>

then on the left menu, you can find a Lead Gen forms tab >>

You should on the activation button here to activate the feature>>

Linkedin Lead Gen activation button

Choose a call to action that is relevant to your business from the drop down menu>> 

You cut and paste your website privacy policy link onto the next field>>

Write an appealing headline about your service offering 50 is the character limit>>. 

And explain further (longer description) what your service offering is, which is 200 character limits here.

And the snippet looks something like this. So if I go and see the page as a member, I have it actually opened here. You can see that it appears. On your LinkedIn business page. And if someone clicks on the Get Started on the snippet, A form is going to pop.

Lead Gen Linkedin CTA how it looks like on business page

The Details are prefilled already here. And it’s going to be super easy for prospects to contact you.  

The only Issue I found here with the new feature is the fact that it’s very hard to connect to CRM. So if anyone has any solution, please put it into the comment below or contact me, let me know. 

At the moment the only way to download the submissions are through the LinkedIn Analytics>>Lead section where you can press the download button and download the details in an excel form. 

how to download leads from linkedin business page

You get all the details then you can upload them onto your CRM. I try to figure out how to automate this. I haven’t found a solution yet. If I come across a solution, I’ll let you know. 

But for the time being, thank you for watching this video. And if you have any questions you can find my details on my LinkedIn page and here on my websites. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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