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Bobak Moezzi

Recent winner of the Most Engaged Mentor award for his work with Griffith's Industry Mentoring Program, Mo loves to inspire people to go out and work hard for their dreams, while being an excellent role model himself.

PPC vs SEO. Which one works best for small business owners in 2022?

Hello everyone. Bobak Moezzi here today.

I would like to explain one of the common questions that I’ve been getting from business owners. over last 12 years, and that is where I should allocate my advertising budget.

Should I spend the money into Google ads, or should I spend that into SEO? by Google ads, generally speaking, paid on online advertising including Google ads, that can be Facebook advertisement, Instagram. Tick-tock, Microsoft Bing and thousands of thousands of other platforms that provide, pay per click system that you can advertise, and promote your brands.

versus Search engine optimization, where you have a strategy to get your results higher in rank in search results organically, and that way you expose your brands to your target audience.

Which one of these methods would be more beneficial for small business owners?

And just to clarify something in the beginning, I want to just let you know that there is no one size fits all. And this is something that Wexpert, for example, we do comprehensive Audit, in the beginning to make sure that we provide the best solution for clients. It is possible that SEO or PPC would be the best solution for you. but again, we must go through the accounts to make sure we are providing you with the best solution.

Whether you have marketing campaigns are already running, we can audit and give you the recommendations or, you haven’t done Google ads or SEO, we liaise with you and figure out what is the best possible solution for you. that’s what I wanted to just clarify.

Based on my experience over the last 12 years, working on hundreds of different accounts I believe paid advertisements, or PPC, or, search, marketing, would be more powerful a platform for small business owners for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is one of the issues that business owners are facing is not necessarily getting leads. It is the fact that they are getting a lot of inquiries that are not relevant to their business.

So, it is a lot of time communicating with those people and that can be resolved with targeting potential customers. You niche down through paid advertising platform to target your ideal clients. This is a great powerful tool that is provided to business owners by paid advertising platform that cannot be utilized through SEO to great extent.

And other reason you want to use paid advertisement rather than SEO that search engine algorithms changes all the time and that fluctuation can be stabilized by hiring someone that assist you with SEO or outsource it to freelancer or agency that can assist you in that matter.

Or having a content marketing in place to fight against the fluctuations, but it is very costly for business owners. The fluctuation doesn’t happen in paid advertising or is much easier to manage the updates in those platforms. So, this is another reason you want to do paid advertisements, rather than SEO.

Anther powerful thing is control. You have full control over your budget. When you want to run your ads, where you want to run your ads, who you want to target all those features combined gives you high level of control that it is the advantage of paid online advertisements.

Another feature that gives paid advertisement edge over SEO is the fast results. With SEO, you have to wait six months, 12 months for some new campaigns is even up to 12 months to slowly see the results as opposed to the paid advertisement where you can get to the results much faster. And I know small business owners, they don’t have luxury of waiting for a long period of time to get to the results.

Another important feature is the fact that you can scale your campaign. The issue that business owners facing is that sometimes they’re just too busy. They cannot handle all jobs and sometimes it’s too quiet.
They struggle to get more jobs. With paid online advertising, you can have that balance when you’re too busy, you can pause your campaigns. If you are quiet, you can allocate more budget and optimize your campaigns to get more jobs.

And here’s an example, John running a Google ad campaigns and his monthly budget, $2,000. He gets hundred leads per month. And out of that, a hundred leads. He converts half of them into sales, so he gets 50 Sales out of that $2,000 monthly budget, but next month he’s he wants to get 25 more jobs.
So, I’m asking you the question how much more money he must allocate into his Google account?
The answer is thousand dollars more because it costs him $40 per sales to get a $40 to get one job and he wants 25 more sales. Meaning that 25 x $40, $1000 more to get. 75 sales next month.

And it is that simple. If you accurately track your conversions, you can allocate more budget to get more sales or just reduce your budget to manage your workflow.

I want to back this up with, some statistical data 68% of marketers believe that, paid advertising is very important and extremely important to their overall marketing strategy and the paid channels with the highest return investments are Facebook and Google search advertising. The majority of marketers, they believe in the same thing.

Having said that something quite important is just having, or running a high performing, paid advertising is not necessarily bringing you the best results. You need to have couple of other elements, in your marketing strategy, which is…

You need to have an offer promo or/and a clear value proposition. So, this is something that can differentiate you from competition.

The marketing automation is another thing. So, it can save you time. If you can automate processes, communication with prospect etc…

The marketing funnel is another important thing, especially when it comes to services or products that, it takes longer time for people to decide and commit to those services.

You want to have that marketing funnel in place because not a lot of people decide overnight. You want to be in top of their mind. So, at that some point, when they decide to purchase or commit to the service, then they choose you instead of your competitors.

According to marketing, Donut 63% of customers who ask for information about your business or products, won’t make a purchase for at least three months. For example, they want to buy a house, or they want to make a decision that is emotional for them.

That doesn’t happen overnight. It may take time and you want to be alongside them provide them with solution and empathize with their problems.

And we assist at Wexpert businesses in terms of helping them set up the funnel, marketing automation, optimize their marketing funnel, some businesses already have funnel, but the funnel is not really optimized, and it doesn’t really perform. So, we help them to set up the funnel.

All the marketing automation and we assist you with running high-performing paid advertising that deliver you the great return on ad spend.

Thank you so much for your time and opportunity today. Any questions please contact me.You can contact me through LinkedIn or through my website, and I look forward to, talking to you soon again. Bye.

Many people – firstly my mother, who I worked with for a year (my first full-time job), as well as my Griffith mentors. I gained knowledge through my relationships with them, and I became a more confident person.