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Is it cheaper to outsource my marketing overseas?

Bobak Moezzi

With Master's degrees in marketing and Human Resource Management, Wexpert founder Bobak Moezzi has forged a successful career as a researcher, analyst, strategist and more. As a marketing expert, he has established and managed hundreds of high-performing accounts with million-dollar spends in various industries.

What is the real cost of outsourcing overseas?

Offshore suppliers take dollars, jobs and industry away from Australian communities. They also leave a heavier carbon footprint in reaching our shores.

On the other hand, local businesses spend within their communities and strengthen other small businesses along the way. Local businesses also create a network of support and investment within their communities and regions. They also support charities and community groups because they are more invested in their future and welfare.

At Wexpert, we pride ourselves on striving to bring more profit to other Australian-owned businesses through collaborative content creation projects that benefit all the parties involved.

We make sure our ratings are fair and competitive. In fact, in many cases it is much more affordable to use Wexpert when compared to international counterparts.

It is the quality of our service that is incomparable.

Being Australian owned

Being Australian owned and operated comes with a sense of pride and responsibility. We feel that Wexpert has an obligation to ensure our marketing services meet the best possible Australian and world standards. 

We also take the Australian approach to building steady, long-term business relationships that are mutually beneficial. We are dedicated to continually improving the services we provide.

Supporting Australian owned businesses such as ours helps to ensure a positive future for the generations to come and builds wealth within and around our beautiful communities.