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How to Disable Google Ads Auto Recommendations in 2022?

You don’t know how to disable your Google Ads auto recommendations?

Perhaps, you opened a ticket with Google Ads support and they didn’t get back to you yet?

No worries. I am here to help you.

Hello. Hello everyone. Bobak Moezzi here from Wexpert. And today in this video, I would like to show you how you can disable the auto Ads suggestion in Google ads, something that it might be a little bit confusing there recently makes some changes previously. The tap used to be under the account settings (shown in the screenshot below):

Auto recommendtions Google ads previously

You could easily go and just untick this box click on the don’t apply the ad suggestion automatically, and that was it. but recently Google changed it. It really depends on your account. I think that they used to run a Beta test previously, but I think this is the case now for all the accounts.

You can find that under the auto apply. You go under accounts, section of the Google ads accounts, and under the recommendations you find these little auto apply button. Looks like a clock. So you click on this order apply and then you see at least of options here. And from here, you can untick and take all the boxes for me personally, I want to have control over the accounts management. That’s why I don’t leave these options to Google. I try to manually manage them at my end.

Now, What you need to do?

You can’t just select all clear all don’t forget to save them. If you think any of them can be done by Google, feel free to tick those boxes. If not, if you are again, someone like me that want to have more control over the, what is happening with the campaign’s performance and management, you can, untick all these boxes.

Auto apply tab google ads reommendations

And that’s pretty much it. Any question you. My name is Bobak Moezzi. I help businesses with paid online advertising whether Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, as well as I provide mentoring and coaching to paid online ads, specialists, and marketing teams. So if you have any question, you can find my contact details on the website and look forward to talk to you soon again.

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How to disable Google Ads recommendations in 2022?