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Google Ads Lead Forms Show Conversion but no Leads [Solution]

Hi everyone. Bobak Moezzi from Wexpert and I have another video for you today.

Today I would like to explain an issue that you might come across, and that is getting leads in lead gen forms in Google ads. . But when you download your Excel sheet and you want to download the data, you don’t get anything in the sheets.

There’s no details, no leads. So what is happening is for example, in this scenario, as you can see my client of mine, they got 16 leads over the last seven days in the forms. We just recently add this extension to their to their campaigns and they. 16 and we thought, oh, that’s great. But what happened?

Google ads lead gen issue


We downloaded the file and nothing was there. And it was very frustrating.

We opened the ticket with Google and they tried to figure out what is happening. And Google Support kept saying that we see the data. And we were saying that we don’t see the data and they tried to pass us to their technical team and it took us a couple of times.

But finally I got to the answer and and I would like to share that with you. 

Please follow the steps below:

Go the lead forms

Segment the database by Click Type

Look at the number leads under Lead Form and Headline

So as you can see here in the screenshot,  the leads being generated from the headline.

So what does that mean? Means people click on the headline. they have gone to the website and then the website generated the leads.

You can see the lead form ads that we were discussing. We thought the leads coming from the lead form ads has no leads.

Meaning that getting no leads in the Excel sheet was actually correct because there hasn’t been any leads generated through the lead forms.

So the leads been generated through the website. So if you come across the same issue, what I would ask you to do is to go to the specific form and then make sure about the dates range.

And then you segment that database on click type. And you see whether you got any leads through the lead forms.

If you still see the leads through the lead forms and your Excel sheet is empty, the couple of things that I recommend you to do one is try to use the incognito private browser that might actually help change your IP address.

Give it a try if there’s still no data. Contact Google.

Hope that helps and talk to you soon.

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Google Ads Lead Forms Show Conversion but No Leads